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Burhans Law Office represents those who have been discriminated against through a civil rights violation, employment discharge or from other protection rights. Contact us by phone or through e-mail under the "Contact Us" link on the home page. Our phone is 269-982-8505. Our fees are based upon the complexity and the seriousness of the legal matter involved. Any fee will be worked out between the client and the attorney after a discussion of the legal issues involved.

Civil Rights and Discrimination Claims
Federal and State law prohibits discrimination in hiring, firing, and conditions of employment on the basis of age, sex, disability, race, religion, or national origin. In addition, Michigan prohibits discrimination on the basis of weight and marital status. Other labor laws prohibit discrimination against those who report violations or suspected violations of law to their superiors or a government agency (see link under 'Whistleblower Claims'). Remedies can include reinstatement, back pay, future pay losses, emotional distress and lost fringe benefits.

Family Medical Leave Act
Employees who have a serious medical condition can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a calendar year. The law applies to those businesses that employ at least 50 persons. It covers those workers who have worked at least 1,040 hours in the prior year. Those who take a leave are generally entitled to reinstatement to their job unless there was a genuine reduction in force. Employees who take a family medical leave may not be discriminated against for taking the leave.

Whistleblower Claims
The state of Michigan makes it unlawful for an employer to fire or otherwise discriminate against an employee who reports a violation or suspected violation of law to a government agency or person. Federal law has many statutes that prohibit discrimination against employees who report nuclear safety or workplace violations to their employers, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or other agencies.

Nuclear Worker Representation
Burhans Law Office handles whistle blower cases, terminations, suspensions, discipline matters, interpretation of severance agreements, contract disputes, arbitrations, and other labor issues that affect the employee in the nuclear industry.

Non-Compete, Severance & Employment Agreement Counseling
Burhans Law Office can help you negotiate or interpret no-compete, severance, and employment agreements with prospective and current employers. Many employers seek to bind their employees to restrictive employment agreements that limit their ability to work for competitors or in the same industry. These agreements should be reviewed, if possible, before the employment begins. We also can review severance and settlement agreements that release an employer from liability in exchange for various considerations.

Trials and Arbitration
Burhans Law Office represents employees who have been discharged or discriminated against on the basis of improper considerations by their employer. These can include retaliation taken against employees based upon their sex, race, national origin, religion, color, creed, age, or other illegal classifications. Michigan prohibits discrimination on the basis of marital status and weight. We represent employees in the trial court and on appeal.

For those employees who have provisions for arbitration, our office will represent you before the arbitrator by investigating your claim, interviewing witnesses, discovering exhibits to help your case, and presenting the evidence before an arbitrator.

State and Federal Courts
Our judicial system is divided into State and Federal Courts. The courts in the State of Michigan handle most claims that arise out of personal injuries, contract disputes, employee discharge, and criminal matters. Federal Courts, on the other hand, have jurisdiction over cases that arise out of a Federal Statute, the United States Constitution, or in "diversity" cases where the amount in question exceeds $75,000.00. Burhans Law Office represents persons with legal problems in all courts with the State of Michigan and the United States District Court.